TUTORIAL – The making of Alena

Many of you have asked about the process of illustrations. As I told you,I’m a self taught but hope it helps showing a way to learn watercolors.

The first advice suggested is enroll Skillshare fashion class,like I did in last may when I started my adventure.You could choose between many courses, but it’s very reccomended Paperfashion and Dallas Shaw’s class. Feel free to ask me tips and triks about them and the code for students special discounts.

So, this is the final illustration, made few days ago for a special customer. She’s the lovely Alena, fashion blogger of Modaprints, cute girl living in Colorado.

alena_finalWell, I started with a  pencil sketch copyng a pics opened on my notebook.It takes about an half hour.Then I used to scan the line works,saving an image for a possible paint disaster…

pencil_scanOk, now it’s time to paint…but first a quickly tapping with a kneade eraser on the face and other parts where it needs to light up.

21I will post a special tutorial about materials; however in this painting I used cotton watercolor paper and a travel kit of 12 colors.

First trick is found the right skin tone and layering softly. Look at this post, it’s awesome for learning!

56The painting it’s almost done when you contouring it with a sharped 3b pencil for revealing volumes.

78I like so much final embellishment with glitters application by a glue pen. Now It’s done! Sorry for bad quality of my phone camera and… don’t forget to visit Alena’s blog! Click the image below 🙂


See you soon.



One thought on “TUTORIAL – The making of Alena

  1. Thanks for sharing this – it was great to see how you use watercolour in your illustrations. I’ve done a few watercolour courses, but they’ve mainly been for doing landscapes which are done quite differently. But since I’m now learning to do fashion illustrations, this has been most helpful in showing how I can add colour! Thanks again! 🙂


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